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My life with doughnuts: When I was little, my aunt used to make beignets and doughnuts for me. There was something a little magical about it, as I’d only been used to Fox’s Donut Den. Of course, I had eaten those small “donettes” with the waxy chocolate or dense powdered-sugar coating, and the occasional Krispy Kreme cruller or plain doughnut, but never ever Dunkin’ Donuts (I am from the South, after all), and never any type of filled doughnut. Not even the story in my 7th grade German class about President Kennedy claiming to be ein Berliner (a jelly doughnut) could spark my interest in jelly doughnuts. Fast-forward many years and my love of doughnuts was rekindled by Lara Ferroni’s book, Doughnuts.  I was therefore totally excited last month when Luisa Weiss, author of the blog The Wednesday Chef, sent over a recipe for Berliner Pfannkuchen, or jelly doughnuts filled with plum jam. They came out so fluffy and soft and good that I see what all you jelly-doughnut lovers have been talking about. The cinnamon sugar on the outside is tops for me. And though Luisa says not to bother keeping them overnight, I can say that we kept them overnight in a sealed container in the refrigerator, and they were still great. Nothing beats warm doughnuts, though, that’s for sure! — Kristina


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