No Measure Potato Leek Soup | The Art of Doing StuffThe Art of Doing Stuff

I guess I should start by apologizing.  I thought I had posted this recipe ages ago.  Years ago.  But, as it turns out, I didn’t.  So I stand (sit actually) here before you to rectify that situation.  Recitfy.  Not rectum.  Sometimes I get the two words confused. Oh!  Speaking of confused … I *did* post this recipe already.  Years ago.  But, as it turns out, now it’s gone.  I have NO idea where my original potato soup post went, but I can’t find it anywhere. If you can find it I’ll give you 3 bucks. Potato Leek Soup is the very first soup I remember learning how to make.  If you asked me tomorrow, I might remember a different soup as my first, but for today it’s potato leek.  I’ve been making one version or another of potato soup for about a decade, but I’m now at the point where I don’t use a recipe, I just whip it up.  There’s something very liberating about not using recipes.  About having the confidence to just grab your ingredients and start cooking. All of us have those recipes.  The ones we just know by heart or can just eyeball and taste test until they’re perfect.  This potato soup will become one of those recipes for you.  If you can remember the 3 main ingredients you’ll be fine.


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