Supportive DIY Swimsuit Fix with Sports Bra – Cutesy Crafts

I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should post this or not, but I decided that maybe it would help someone else out there.  I can’t believe I’m talking about it, but if you can relate to this comic, you might just have the same problem that I do.  I don’t think I’m super “busty”, but for some reason I can NEVER find a swimsuit that is supportive enough!  I have tried every year since my son was born to find something, and he just turned six!  Before that, the last swimsuit that I bought was when I was 19.  That’s right, I haven’t had a new swimsuit since I was 19!!!  Needless to say, my 19-year-old, pre-baby body is a bit different than the one that I have now.  I’ve been tempted by the online stores that claim their suits are supportive, but who wants to buy online and have to return something?  Not to mention that those swimsuits usually cost upwards of $100!  Frustrated, I asked myself, “Why is it that I can find a cheap sports bra that does the job just fine, but no one can make a reasonably priced supportive swimsuit?”  Light bulb!  Why not sew a sports bra into my swimsuit?!  So that’s what I did.  I made a supportive DIY swimsuit.  (And don’t worry, you won’t scroll down to see any pics of me in my swimsuit…NO WAY!)


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