Thrifted Revamp Ep. 7 – DIY Distressed Off-the-Shoulder Choker Top (Kelsey Simone Inspired) – YouTube

I love turning old clothes into new ones! This is inspired by one I saw on Kelsey Simone a few weeks ago. One of her videos showed up on my feed, and I instantly feel in love with the shirt. I wanted one for myself and figured it shouldn’t be too hard to DIY, so I took a stab at it. I hope you find this helpful.

If you noticed the zigzag stitch on the shirt at the beginning, I added it to keep the fabric from stretching while the raw edges were exposed. But I quickly found this was unnecessary at the beginning since I had to undo it to take in the neckline anyway. At most, I’d recommend a baste stitch for easy removal, and the zig zag stitch can be added after the final neckline has been adjusted. 🙂

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