DIY upcycled coat rack

It was an adorable little home, well loved and very lived in.  I cried many tears over my decision but have accepted the reality and am now excited to custom build my dream home with our 2 boys in mind, making it super kid and extended family friendly (hint hint, brothers & sisters- come visit!)  Since the house was made from gorgeous barn wood, I salvaged every bit I could, and made a keepsake using a piece from an old wood built-in shelf and these suh-weet nail hooks that had been screwed into a closet, original to the house when it was built in 1903. I am happy to see a piece of that pretty old house stay alive! (:

About the author: tony
is PROUD father and geek. Enthusiastic crafter and handyman. He is also an average ice hockey player, canoeist, beer lover, and guitarist. Sometimes (often) he has to go to work as an industrial engineer.

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