How to Make a Seasonal Summer Planter – Threads & Blooms

For those who have been following along with me for a while you will be familiar with the evolution of my studio space (documented on Snapchat back in the day!). It started on a random weekend about 2 years ago. I had just 5 weddings booked that summer and I was bored (seriously, just don’t give me free time). I had a quick thought that I would love to have a little studio space to work on flowers so I said to Dan: ‘HEY! That barn at the end of the driveway is kind of cute! Will you help me clean it?’. Dan, being Dan, agreed and there went our next 8 weekends. We removed all of the cabinets and junk (it was previously a car workshop), tore out the upstairs floor, painted the walls white, and hung a bunch of mirrors that are probably way too valuable to be hanging in a barn (I just really like mirrors, ok?!). While it isn’t perfect yet – the floor gets wet when it rains and I’m itching to give the walls a second coat of white paint – it definitely does the trick and has given me a place to ‘hang my hat’ or, more accurately, my vases and candleholders.

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