WikiDIY android app

WikiDIY android app

We’ve prepared a WikiDIY android app for your smartphones so you can keep your favorite DIY projects with you.

The application works offline as well, so once you load a DIY project on your phone, it is stored and you can access it without an Internet connection.

How to install android app:

  1. With your smartphone, go to Google Play Store and search for “wikidiy” (or use this link – DIY Projects). The official wikiDIY Android app is called DIY projects – – DIY, crafts, recipesinstall-wikidiy-android-app-1
  2. Click on Install, and then the application gets installed on your device.install-wikidiy-android-app-2
  3. Done, now you can find WikiDIY android application in your smartphone.install-wikidiy-android-app-3


Note: We will be really happy for any feedback regarding this app. Please rank the app in the Google Play store and submit your comments. Thank you.